You're not just becoming a member of Get Sharper With Harper, you're becoming a member of one of three well known, international fitness/martial arts brands. 

Affiliation with me exposes all participants to unique fitness and martial arts events around the world. You could be at a fitness event in North Hampton one weekend or doing martial arts in Korea on another. Our unparalled exposure to not just local, or national, but international events too, means that we change your whole out look on life as well as your health & fitness. 

Each week our members meet and make new friends with people from all walks of life and everyone really does get on. For most people joining anywhere for the first time can be a daunting experience, the usual number one fear is, 'fitting in' or 'making new friends'. With my classes everyone is made to feel welcomed, which makes joining all the more enjoyable.  

In our members section you will find exclusive footage of training tips, nutrional advice and even advice on beauty skincare; become a member to find out more.... 

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