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Which health supplement is best?

This is a common question I get asked a lot. I've been an Insanity & PiYo instructor for a number of years now and can personally testify to the incredible results gained from doing these workouts. So when the opportunity arose naturally it made sense that I would also follow their nutritional program too, in order to  continually achieve and maintain my personal health & fitness goals I.

'Insanity' & 'PiYo' workouts are part of the internationally known fitness company called Beach Body®. Beach Body® are the founders of the well known shake which accompanies all of their workout programs called 'Shakeology'®. Shakeology® 'is your daily dose of dense nutrition', and can be used as a meal replacement due to the high concentration of naturally sourced ingredients. I personally was never one for protein shakes or so called 'health supplements', I always considered them an expensive waste of money. That was my firm held belief until I started using Shakeology® for myself and noticed how it really did help boost my energy levels as well as reduce my desire to indulge on unhealthy snacks, like packets of crips or chocolate in between meals; it literally cut that urge right out of me.  

All the ingredients are grown naturally, the produce is then ethically researched and manufactured to the highest standards.

This isn't the only reason why I now fully endorse this product. Beach Body® also have a  unique offering of 'On Demand' fitness videos available for anyone to watch wherever and whenever they choose. As a member you will have exclusive access to the top fitness instructors and their workout programs at your finger tips. You can choose to be part of a group and take up one of the group challenges like 80 Day Obsession, or  if that sounds way too long, then try '21 Day Fix'. Whichever workout you choose it will come with a nutritional guide, which will help you calculate exactly what you should be eating and when, depending on your own personal goals 

Through passionate Independent Coaches, with a prestigious brand and generous compensation plan, people all over the world are making a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Being a Beach Body® Coach, as well as an avid user of their goods inconjunction with my own personal fitness regime, I can honestly say that their vegan friendly products are of supreme quality. So, if you're looking to either bulk up, slim down or you simply want to make a more conscious effort with your selection of consumable products, then Beach Body® has genuine healthy alternatives as well as the very best fitness videos on demand available for you. Click the 'Tell me more' link to find out more about the company and the products.  


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