FIGHT KLUB will get you fighting fit with the latest tunes....

FIGHT KLUB® was founded by celebrity fitness trainer and presenter, Troy Dureh, the man behind the late 90’s combat fitness trend “Khai-Bo”, the non-contact martial arts workout to music. In 2003, Troy landed a creative role with the GYMBOX TM Health Club chain where he was tasked with coming up with 105 original class ideas, and there FIGHT KLUB was born.

Fight Klub® is the high intensity fun workout that makes getting in shape an addiction. Set to music, the program is a combination of boxing, kickboxing, and Thai boxing.

Fight Klub® is a workout built around a freestanding professional grade punch bag using simple combinations of kicks and punches whilst keeping time with the high energy beat. There's also a focus mitt version to this workout too.

Fight Klub® is sweeping the workout scene as participants benefit from improvements in cardiovascular endurance, weight loss and muscular toning fused with the atmosphere of a nightclub. Fight Klub® is an intense workout utilising all the muscle groups in the upper and lower body including the core, whilst increasing flexibility.

Fight Klub® is perfect for individuals looking for an advanced modern workout, but also for groups who can share punch bags, have fun and get fit together. Whether you want to relieve the stress of the day, have some fun or just get in shape, there is something here for everybody.

Classes are always run by a qualified instructor and are easy to learn, but fiendishly difficult to master. Spaces fill up fast, so be among the first to claim your spot, click on the 'Book Now' link below.


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